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Beware, The build quality of sony zeiss lenses is very bad. This is why. 


I have a "Sony SAL 24 mm 2.0" mounted on a A900. Last year the "Diaframa glass" of the lens was dropped into the lens, because it is glued from the inside.


I send it to repaired..According to Sony this will cost me 922.42 Euro repair cost and another 75 euro on investigation.

The new value is 1100 euro.


This lens is optical very good, but this is a design failure. So who will ever will buy this piece of crap..


My conclusion...It is a shame that Zeiss put it name on this lenses.......


Greetings Rob

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Guest Peter Kelly

It's never easy to correctly place the blame in these complicated manufacturing marriages, but you may just be unlucky.

Here you may well have a lens designed by Zeiss, to Sony specifications, made by Cosina, so hard to know where the blame ultimately lies, although you'd look at Cosina first.


I am more than a little puzzled that they don't take any responsibility for the lens just falling apart. Here in the UK that wouldn't be allowed as an expensive lens would be expected to last a long time and give good service. Such a failure would be contrary to the Sale of Goods Act and give you grounds for a claim. Has anyone given you a possible reason for the fault?


Also, I would like to know what is the 'Diaframa glass'? I've never heard of it and can't find any reference to it either, so anything you can tell me would be welcome.

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