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best adaptor? for alpha lenses on a7II

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when I got my a7II earlier this year, it was my understanding that the LAEA4 was the best adaptor for my alpha lenses.  Now I'm reading that the ideal adaptor for the a7RII is the LAEA3, Does this apply to the a7II as well?  Will the firmware upgrade (to be released tomorrow) change things for adaptors? thanks for any advice!

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The A7ii firmware update is supposed to allow use of all of the phase detection sensors in the camera, which vastly outnumber the amount used in the LA-EA4.  In theory, this update should make using the LA-EA3 adapter with A-mount lenses have faster focus ability than using the same lens with the LA-A4 adapter.  I have no doubt experts will evaluate the firmware update with both adapters and come up with some recommendations.

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