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Rendering of a Sony A9 DSLR styled camera.

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I think we really need to get a larger A9 body!

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Guest Peter Kelly

Such a camera could be a possibility, but whether anything like it will ever be made by Sony depends upon a lot of factors and I doubt anyone outside of Sony could even begin to guess their thoughts on it!


To be honest, I doubt if it could be profitable on its own, but would rely on selling lenses and accessories to make money, yet we see how often the Sony line-up is criticised, irrespective of the mount.

That would mean a concerted effort to fill out and improve the entire range and I can't see them making the investment that would need just now.


The only other drive to create something like this would be for associated marketing purposes. In other words, something like Canon and Nikon enjoy, where the majority of 'visible' photographers are seen to use the brand.

If Sony could get their name to be THE camera to be seen with, even a loss making model would serve the purpose.


However, to achieve that such a camera would need to have astonishing ability that would put all others into the shade. Unfortunately, judging by most comments, they are still falling short I can't see it happening any time soon.

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Guest Peter Kelly

I like the body, integrated vertical grip accommodating two batteries.


It's strange how that set up seems to be more appealing, yet the bolt on grip is better on two fronts:


First, you don't have to use it, so when you want a lighter camera then you have the option

Second, in the A99 case you actually get 3 batteries with the grip (I still don't understand why they didn't do likewise with the A7, especially with the criticism of battery life!)

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