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Advice on Alpha 7s

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Before I buy an Alpha 7S, I would like to have more information :

- Is it usefull to use a flash with Alpha 7s, as it has a very low light sensibility ?

- Do you think it can take nice picture in "auto" mode (for basic users) ?

Thanks for your help.


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Guest Peter Kelly

The A7S is a great camera and very easy to use on full auto. Of course, the best advice is to always try to learn all the controls to get the very best results, but there's nothing wrong with 'auto'; after all, Sony do have a good idea of what are the best settings so it's only like taking their advice!


As to using flash, there are always times when a flash is either a help, or absolutely necessary, regardless of the camera. Curiously, often the most important time is in good, strong light, because that can lead to very harsh shadows which a flash can soften (the reason for the name 'fill-in flash'). There won't be a wedding photographer anywhere that won't use fill flash at some point!


Also, if taking pictures in a gloomy room the A7S can make use of the sensitivity to get the background and still use the flash to have nice, well-lit subjects. You'll see this sort of shot for night club pictures and I don't think there's a better camera for it!

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