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Lens Compatibility list for adapters like Fotodiox Pro EF-NEX?


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I picked up a Fotodiox pro EF-NEX Auto to use with my A7II/A7r cameras just for fun. I'm not expecting it to be much but in playing with just a handful of lenses that I had sitting here I noticed a lot of variance between what works/what doesn't and it made me wonder ... rather than saying "buy one and trial and error it" does anyone know if there exists somewhere a compatibility list for these adapters and lenses? As an example I could attach a 24mm IS canon lens and it auto-focused and aperture, etc worked fine but if I attached a canon 75-300 EFIII the camera "MF" insignia comes up and it doesn't even try to focus. 


It would be nice if when people try stuff like this out there were a simple wiki/chart that they could poke an entry on the end of if there wasn't one for that lens already so others know ... it's worth a shot, it's not going to work, or it does work. 

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