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Anyone using hasselblad medium format lens on A7???


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I bought an adapter and have used it just for fun -- as I have a 501 and a few lenses.  The Hasselblad lenses seem to work really well on the A7RII, but they are very big.  The lenses themselves are large, but the adapter itself is pretty long, as well.  Overall, they look pretty silly on the A7, but even sillier on the Nex-7.


 So, positives -- great image quality.  Negatives -- gigantic, heavy, and, generally, not particularly fast f-ratios. 

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Anyone using hasselblad medium format lenses

on their A7 bodies?? Just curious if theres

any pros / cons to using these type of lens.

Not a very good idea.


I had the Blad to Nikon adapter cuz my Blad

bellows was more suitable for my copy stand

than the smaller bellows units intended for

the 35mm format.


Naturally, I also used the adapter to find out

how the Blad lenses would do on the Nikon,

and had hopes for excellence, since I'd only

be using the best part of the image circle.


Bottom line, the Zeiss designs for an 80mm

image circle lack the sharpness of Nikkors

designed for 45mm image coverage. This is

not at all shocking, given the challenges of

designing for the larger image circle, but I

had to see for myself, and so I tried it.

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Had a set of 4, 50 thru 250, older chrome ones, with

an adapter to Nikon. The 80 was the only one worth

bothering with. Often used it reversed on copy stand

for really small subjects.  


The 50 was an important lens for its intended format.

But it's an old design whose priorities are clearance

for the large moving mirror in a 6x6 SLR and decently

even illumination out to the edges. 6x6 is square [ya!]

which makes it a most demanding case for providing

even illumination. Consider how a rectangle inscribes

within a circle, including equilateral rectangles, such

as 6x6, and that become obvious [or not, depending,

but teaching geometry is not my job]. 


No loss. Why anyone might wanna put a giant 50:4.0

on a 35mm or APSC camera is not worth pondering.

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Focal reducer (rich field adapter) is outstanding! Have had the Kipon Baveyes Hasselblad - Sony for a couple of weeks now. Still amazed!


Image was shot with 150 Sonnar and Kipon Beveyes

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