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Best macro lens for the a6000?


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I am looking for a good macro lens for my a6000, I heard the Sony 90mm is really good on the a7 series body ; but on the a6000? Not sure. Sadly I don't have multiple thousands of euro to spend. My max budged to spend is 1200 euro.


What do you guys think? are there better/sharper macro lenses that I can attach on my body ( maybe with an adapter ). Or should I go for the Sony 90mm?  


I hope you guys can help me out!  :D

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this is a legacy lens thread. there is a Makro Kilar for example which is quite good. but you will have to focus manually. have a look at my page at www.a7camera.com .


have you tried extension rings? there are cheap rings even with autofocus on the big auction sites. search for "sony af macro extension", it starts about 20$. try it with a standard lens, you don't risk a lot.

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I agree that the 90mm FE macro is an amazing lens on the a6000. This was my favourite lens on the a6000. Some example pictures with that combo here...








... and many more in my 500px profile if you want to look for them.


The lens will also be fantastic for the future if you ever decide to move to a full-frame A7 series camera.


Prior to getting the 90mm FE macro lens I had a lot of fun with the 30mm E macro lens (which is available for one quarter of the price) and also can get good results.

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