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Night street photography


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Hey all, I'm looking at getting a faster 50mm prime primarily for night time street photography.

I had a few questions in regards to faster lenses.

Is it worth getting a 1.4 or faster lens, or would it be better to just add a stop or two of ISO to compensate the difference between say 1.4 and 1.8?


I have been looking at manual super takumar 50mm 1.4 or possibly even the 1.2.

And the voigtlander 1.1


Anyone have any thoughts as to what you use or better yet any experience with the takumar's for night street photography?


Apart from the fact my depth of field will get shallower and hence make it harder to accurately focus fast especially at night


Thanks in advance!


Any pictures welcome!

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Just received mine tonight.

It's great, but I retract my advice as a tool for street. It would be just too difficult to focus that thin...a moving subject at 0.95 would be a lucky-dip at best.

I just posted my first personal tests, from around the house in no light.

No real "photography" yet but you can have a look. The images "feel" fantastic, even with bland subjects and no practice with such a thin DOF. I can see already that it really does have some Noctilux flavor 

I'll try and get some more interesting shots on the weekend.


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