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Third party A mount vs E mount


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Hi Everybody,


I'm about to get my new A7m2 and I'm researching lenses.

I want to get a super tele zoom (like the tamron 150-600) and the only options I see are third party.

Is there a difference between A-mount and EF or other mounts? since I will be using an adapter anyway?

I'm not planning on using the Sony made adapter as it's kind of large and expensive, I will probably get a Fotodiox adapter.


Thanks in advance,



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If you are using A mount then it's best to get the Sony adapter. That way you will ensure as much compatibility as possible though you will still lose some functionality compared with FE lenses.


If you are happy to avoid the screw type lenses (generally earlier generation) and only use SAM or SSM lenses then Ea3 adaptor should be OK, otherwise you need the EA4.

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I had the same choice to make for my A7Rii. I found this article to be very helpful, both in determining which lens/adapter combo to choose and also in explaining which features will and wont work with these combinations.




As a result I bought the LA-EA3 adapter and the Tamron 150-600mm Sony A-mount lens.


My previous longest lens was the FE 70-200 f4 so having this Tamron lens opens up a lot of new possible shots for me.


The image quality with the Tamron is noticeably less good compared to any of my other lenses (Batis 25, FE 55mm, FE 90mm macro, FE 70-200mm) but it still can take great shots and I feel that it offers good value for money considering that it allows you to shoot at 500-600mm for a small fraction of the price of a 500mm or 600mm prime lens.


Hope that helps.


PS - Here is one picture taken with this lens at Helsinki Zoo last weekend https://500px.com/photo/129248493/great-grey-owl-by-andy-fowlie

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