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 I just became the owner of a Sony A230. However I haven't received it yet.... Delays in shipping.

I was looking online to see if I might find a remote shutter release, but there doesn't seem to be any mention of it.I know the camera is from 2009, but there should be something mentioned. No??

 Q-2  can anyone tell me which specific battery it takes

Q-3  Is there a restriction on what type/size SD card it takes

Q-4  What lens mount does it use? I'd like to do some Macro work with it

I'm on a fixed income so any help would be appreciated

 Thank You

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her the answers to the best of my knowledge.

Q1 - should be DSLR1, but double check. If you need for macro work, but are on a budget, I use the old trick of using the delay timer set on 5-10 seconds, enough to let the camera stabilise after the shake of pressing the shutter button and avoid vibrations.

Q2 - NP-FH50

Q3 - Most likely you are limited to SD or SDHC cards, up to 32GB, which is plenty of capacity for a 10MP camera,

Q4 - Sony/Minolta A mount

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The Sony A230 is quite an old 10Mpixel APS-C DSLR. Interestingly, it uses a CCD sensor.

It uses A mount lenses (the mount Sony inherited from Minolta). I don't know if there are any Sony A mount lenses available, but I imagine second hand lenses shouldn't be too hard to locate.

As you say, it dates from 2009 (15 years ago), so you'll have trouble finding parts or accessories for it.

The NP-FH50 battery looks to be discontinued by Sony, but there do appear to be third party options.

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Thanks FunWithCameras,

The price was right for the camera, and 2 lenses...reason I bought it!

I've not had trouble finding accessories for it on eBay...yet...

and yes, I've purchased 2 spare batteries and a charger there, with @Phorum's assistance. (He gave me the model number )

I have the spec sheet, and it says there is a remote control  but I don't know if that's for a shutter release, which is what I'd like to get if possible.

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Sony SLR cameras use the electronic remote cables from the Minolta MAXXUM line of cameras.  These are easy to find and inexpensive.  There is a S (short) and L (long) version -- as I recall 1 foot or 15 feet, or something like that.  They have a button to press to release the shutter -- and a lock for B exposures.  There are also off-brand models -- and Sony made electronic remotes but they vary from camera to camera and are more expensive.  To keep it cheap, get a Minolta cable.

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Thanks, XKAES,

I purchased a new  "DSLR1 REMOTE"   with a 3 ft cable, Yesterday,      or should I say, very  early this AM. Price wasn't bad at all (under $10.00).     It was listed,  as compatible with the Sony a230.

 Now if the camera & accessories, and a pair of new batteries, and a charger, along with a new gear bag (backpack style) from AliExpress for $5.00..... can arrive while I'm still here, I'll be happy!

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    • Hi, Last year I switched from Nikon to Sony (A7Cm2) and this situation surprised me in an unpleasant way. When I travel, I record rather short 8-30 seconds clips, a lot of such clips. And found that these files are rather big because of rounded up to the nearest ~32MB. Different SD cards (64GB) fill up very quickly because of that behavior. Sample sizes for different durations of those clips, for example I have 700 clips with these "distinctive" sizes +/-, nothing in between 33,592,255 67,149,921 100,706,705 134,367,160 167,821,451 201,378,823 234,936,491 268,594,590 302,050,059 335,709,042 ... and so on +/-1000 for the smaller files up to +/-100,000 for the bigger ones rounded up to the nearest ~32MB  Different 64GB cards were formatted inside the camera with exFAT (allocation unit size is 128KB) Why is that? Is there some setting for that?  -- Piotr
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    • Hi Everyone !! I intend to move to Sony A1 from Sony A99 ii. I plan to continue to use the Sony F4 500 G lens (A mount lens) with an adapter on the Sony A1. However, I cannot find the menu option to do the AF Micro Adj in the Sony A1.  In the Sony A99ii it was under the AF3 menu. 
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