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Sony A7iii mirrorless camera startup delay

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Hi, I recently purchased a second hand Sony A7iii mirrorless camera body.  I've noticed an unusual problem when turning on the camera.  The camera turns on right away, but the following things happen:

-There's an image in the EVF, but it's very dark

-The memory card symbol flashes orange with 4 dashes

-The shutter cannot be activated

-The buttons are unresponsive

-It takes about 33 seconds before the camera is usable 


I have tried a complete reset of the camera.  The firmware is up to date.  I've tried 3 different memory cards.  I have also formatted the memory card.  

I've noticed that 2 things will cause the camera to start up immediately.  The first is if I remove and re-insert the battery.  The second is if I detach and reattach the camera lens.  However, the camera will become unresponsive again after turning the camera off.  Any ideas what's going on?   

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