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Footage I shot on my a7iv is corrupted

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I've shot with the same settings a million times so I dont know what's going on here. But on my last shoot all the footage from my a7iv came in broken. The problem files range in size/length from 700 MB to 30 GB... They're 23.98, 4K shot in log with Cine EI, like I always do.

So in Premiere the files play back for a little while/sometimes, and other times are all glitchy (repeating parts/out of sync and then flashing solid green frames). They also caused premiere to crash a number of times. At first I thought maybe my premiere project was just crashing because it was too large but I've pulled these into a fresh project and same issue. They also do the glitchy out of sync repeating parts if you play it in quick time or anywhere else. 

I've tried transcoding the footage to PR422 and H264 with different bitrates, using media encoder, handbrake (to convert to constant frame rate, in case that was the issue) & VLC. I've also tried some software that's supposed to fix corrupted video. all of these attempts seem to great larger problems, like crazy loud static and new artifacts all over the footage. 

the only thing I can think of is maybe the issue is tied to a bad SD card?? One of my SD cards for this shoot was acting funny and I had a hard time getting the footage off it, it kept just quitting halfway. But I read something that said to try an external card reader instead of using the built in macbook card reader so I tried that and it worked.. The problem is, I didnt look at the footage for a couple weeks and now I can't be sure that THIS was the footage off THAT card. but I guess all signs point to yes...

I guess more importantly, is there any way I can recover and use this footage? All the solutions I've found for recovering corrupted video seem like scams so far including EASEUS and Wondershare RepairIt and Fix.Video. Or does anyone know a better forum to ask this question?

I will pay to have this footage recovered, if I can ensure that I'm paying for something that actually works...


Please Help :*(


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