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A7IV Record Media Settings Bug?

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Hi, so my A7IV has this weird issue:

1) When I’m on Video mode my Record Media Settings are set to Slot 1 (Video) & Slot 2 (RAW Stills). 

2) When I turned the Knob to Photo, the Record Media Settings automatically changes to Slot 1 for Both Video & Stills but the Stills are shooting at JPEG. Slot 2 becomes Empty.

3) When I turned the knob back to Video Mode again now the settings are set to Slot 1 (Video) & Slot 2 (JPEG Stills). 

Note: My Slot 1 is V90 Card, My Slot 2 is V30 Card. Happens the same even if i set Raw + JPEG on camera mode the settings just changes.

Am i missing something out or am I making a mistake? I’m confused as heck lol.

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