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Sony a6500 Corrupt Clip Recovery

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Good day, I'm new to Sony Alpha video shooting on my a6500. Was busy filming and my battery failed without warning, now I cannot view the clip in camera or in any NLE. Does Sony have a way to recover the clip? I found a discussion on Stellar Video Repair, but it is very expensive for just one clip recovery (I live in Africa and our exchange rate is 18.5 to the dollar!). Does anyone have a free way of recovering the clip? And if it is a common problem on Sony cameras, why do they not fix the issue with a patch or have software to recover? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Most of those applications for video recovery do need broken video file (any length, duration) and short video file from the same camera, being recorded using exact same settings. The second file has more details used by the process (there are complete details  about all settings, properties, to be used in recovery procdure).

There are more commercial applications working this way; I used, years ago, freeware one, not sure about the name of it now, as I remember it was software from Germany.

There may be possibility for the VLC Video Player (which itself has feature for video repair) to fix the file, but it depends. Video files are saving the properties at the specific place at the file (last part), it's being saved at specific time (at the end, after recording being done); that's part of the problem. Worst case, unintentional break of recording, prevents proper finalizing of the saving process.

For sure, the video file, even broken, should not be deleted; may wait for the proper and usable software to be found and used on it.


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