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A7III HDMI No Longer Working

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Hello all, I have an issue with my A7III where the HDMI input no longer sends a signal to my aperture monitor. It did work in the past as I was on a shoot for a couple of days, and the first day the output worked fine, and then the second day, it didn’t work anymore.

I can tell there is a connection because when I power up the monitor when connected to the camera, the camera LCD screen goes black like it is transferring the image to the monitor. Then, after a few seconds, the monitor says there is no signal, and the image returns to the camera LCD. I have an A6400 and tested the monitor on it, and it works fine. I have 2 A7III’s and have had the same problem on both. I’ve read one thread somewhere else where they mention toggling the timecode on and off, and I tried that to no avail. I don’t think the port is messed up as I am usually pretty careful and use a small rig cage with the cable clamp when plugged in. Also, I wouldn’t think the actual port would be broken, because I am getting the blank screen on the camera like it is transferring the output.

I’d love to get an answer on this before having to send this to repair.

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I think the HDMI connector is soldered to the main board, and plugging it in and unplugging it can put some stress on the connection to the main board. The mini and micro HDMI sockets seem to be more vulnerable than the full size ones (Sony has decided to use full size HDMI connections on a number of their recent models, possibly because of the failure rate of the smaller ones?). It only takes one pin to break loose for the connection to fail.

I think you'll need to get it repaired.

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