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Sony a6400 4k "Shaking" or "Stuttering" video

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Is it normal this effect on video "shaking" or "stuttering" on edges? I'm using a Sony a6400...

I recorded using XAVC S 4K / 30p 100M, 1/60 with Shutter Priority.. I've changed AF drive speed, AF tracking and the record setting but it keeps happening.. Even if I make a slow record, not going fast as the sample. The only way that solved the problem, was using XAVC S HD / 120p 100M. I would like to know if this is a problem or something that I don't know how to configure, or even if it's normal on this camera recording on 4k.


By the way, I've tested 2 lens, the kit lens and Sony 11MM 1.8.

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