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External HDMI monitor, Sony A7III & my DjI Rs3 Mini gimbal


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Hello forum:

I use a Sony A7III & my DjI Rs3 Mini gimbal. Have an issue with ANY hdmi external monitor from various manufacturers. The monitors are NOT the problem.

When the Sony A7III and the DjI Rs3 gimbal are connected via bluetooth to enable basic features, ANY external monitor functions perfectly. IF I’m connected via USB-C from the Rs3 gimbal to my A7III (which unlocks extended gimbal features), ANY monitor will NOT show an image, the screen is dark, almost black. I’ve tried different USB-C cables, all the way up to thunderbolt-4 spec cables.

I much prefer the USB-C connection, because it unlocks additional gimbal controls of camera movements. My only other option is to NOT use an external monitor with my gimbal, which is very challenging.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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