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Sony a7C

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My God, are you for real!?  Those lenses are for Aps-c format camera (A6xxx) and the A7C is a full format camera (A7xxx), so you would naturally see vignetting, and lots of it.  You can still use those lenses on your A7C if you shoot in crop mode but if you want to shoot in full frame mode, you will need to look for FE lenses.

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My guess is that you don't have a manual for your camera.  These are available on the SONY website.  There are also some good books written about your camera -- and what lenses are best for it.  You just have the wrong lenses for your camera.  You can sell the ones you have and buy the correct models -- or you can sell the camera and get one designed for your lenses.

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An easy mistake to make if you don't know the difference - you only know what you know.

As Xkaes says, you can sell your lenses and replace them, (or the body) but don't be too put off by this, as you can get good buys on the reputable used market (local camera specialist or on line at somewhere like MPB) Generally 1/2 - 3/4 of new price, for lenses in excellent condition.

If you use crop mode on your camera you will lose the vignetting but the lenses will "zoom" by 1.5 times - so your 24mm lens will be equivalent to 36mm but you will also lose a load of the pixels your sensor uses (down to just over 10Mp) so image quality will drop (this may or may not be an issue for you).

Putting your lenses on an A6*** camera will have that effect on the focal length, but the sensor will use all the pixels it has (24Mp).

Obviously changing your lenses to FE will keep the benefits of your 24Mp and Full Frame (each pixel being bigger than that on  an APS-C sensor - thus allowing more detail on each pixel).

So, I think what I am saying, is that the cheaper option would be to change your body to an A6***, but the better quality option would be to change your lenses for FE mount. 

I hope this is useful.

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The good news is that you don't have to sell anything quickly as thebeardedgroundsman said above, set your camera to APS-C/Super 35mm on and you won't have any vignetting.  The down-side is you lose focal length because of the crop-factor.  However, first, download a copy of the owner's manual and read it cover to cover as this, and many more likely questions, will be covered there.  Take your time, determine from your current lenses what focal-length range works best for you then, eventually, grab a full-frame lens(s). 

  1. MENU  s_menu_shoot1.png (Camera Settings1)  [APS-C/Super 35mm] → desired setting.
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