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New A7IV - what are my off-camera flash options?

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Hi All

I am new here and have just purchased a Sony A7IV. I want to shoot real estate and am looking at getting some Godox speedlights and a hot-shoe transmitter.

One thing I am concerned about is the auto white balance being thrown off while using something like a Godox X2T and some TT600 flashes. How is this overcome?

Any particular recommendations for speedlights and a transmitter?



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Have you thought about fixed lights rather than flash? 

You can see exactly what you are going to get, in your view finder, and so, I would think are more useful for real taste work.

Lights like Rotolight have the ability to change the power and the light temperature (the latest ones can even change colour). It is also easy to add diffusers or colour filters.

If you need more power, or actually need a flash, Rotolight has this as well,(with a built in Elinchrome receiver) but with the advantage of being able to give you a Modelling light if you want it.

I have fallen in love with the versatility of the Rotolight Neo 2 I picked up 2nd hand for £80 - but the later models are even more versatile.


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Haven't thought about fixed lights at all. But I would like to do flambient style photography and would prefer start with a flash. Some research since the above post points me to AD200Pro from Godox, and that I shouldn't worry about the AWB and use a color checker instead.

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