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Hole in lens

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I haven’t dropped my lens but there seems to be a hole on the inside lens that is causing a dark spot on my photos. 

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Agree with previous note, not clear what is expected.


The photo itself is not good enough, it's having some reflections and it's not sharp as it should be (good macro photo would be better).


Also, for that lens, there are few Youtube tutorials explaining how to disassemble this exact lens (at least to see it's from other perspective, from inside, must say - that procedure needs to be done by experienced tech person).

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If it is a hole, I think your choices are:

1. Put up with it and clean up your photos in post.

2. Send it in to a specialist to replace that element

3. Ditch the lens and buy a new one.

I am very surprised that a hole should appear in an internal element, so maybe it is actually a piece of dirt or fungus? Have you shone a torch up through the lens to inspect it more closely (mind your eyes!)



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Google "bubbles in camera lens element" and you will see that even if it's uncommon to find lens elements with bubbles, it's not completely rare.  According to the discussions on the web, the jury seems to be out regarding whether the bubbles affect the IQ or not.

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