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Converting raw Sony files with camera presets?

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I have a question about converting raw Sony files, perhaps someone can help me put with an answer. Mostly I shoot Nikon but I have a bunch of old files from a Sony A7r I used to own, in raw format, that I need to convert to tiff for a project. I don't need to do anything fancy to them, just convert them. But I want to convert them with the camera presets I shot them with, basically so they come out looking like the jpeg versions the camera created simultaneously, which were all perfectly fine. The problem is I don't see any way in Sony Imaging Edge or Lightroom to open up the Sony raw files and convert them to tiff with the presests from the camera automatically applied. I'm confused by this especially on the Sony software because with my Nikon, on their proprietary software, there's simply a box I can click and tell it to read the camera presets and apply them, and everything gets batch processed exactly according to my original camera settings with no editing. Is there some way to do the same in Sony? It seems like there must be. Or some other convertor that will do it that way?

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Freeware Rawtherapee can do the conversion ARW to JPG easily, works with more photos, those ARWs which are to be converted should be in queue and then there are options for saving those, configuring the output filetype. Cannot be sure about all optioons, there may be no advanced configurable settings, anyway, program works as it should, have to say that it has huge number of editing possibilities.

Sony Capture One (free version for Sony users) is good option for conversion, as it has more configurable options. I have to say that some (other) applications are dealing very badly with (ARW) noise, the JPG being created with some of those applications is almost unusable (with or without templates, presets).

The Capture One seems to be good. I did not create thousands of conversions to JPG, just doing that sometimes. I have to say that there is list, table of software version for specific camera, at the site, needs to be checked before installation.

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