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Connect an external RAW recorder to the SDI OUT connector of the camcorder. (or HDMI)

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I am new to this FX6, and working to figure it out. I got it in order to produce and direct a documentary, and I am accustomed to having full editorial/editing control that comes with RAW output. I can see in the instructions that either SDI or HDMI devices are supported.

What I am embarrassingly stuck on is, "are there recommended devices?" Which ones work best,, offer the most value, etc. Oh, and what is it specifically I need to buy. I should know all this, but my collaborator who figured out the raw tech on our last project was in a car accident and I will not be able to talk with him for weeks ... and want to get started setting up the scenes and validating the camera's optimal settings for our project while I am waiting.

Feeling stupid in seattle,



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