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A6300 Humming and poor audio quality with ext. mic


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Hello everyone,

I own a a6300 and tried combining it with a Rode VideoMic Go (the first one), but the recorded audio quality is quite poor. There’s a constant humming noise throughout the whole recording. Additionally, my voice (standing 1 – 1,5m away) sounds very, very thin even though I have a quite bassy voice.

I already tried using a different connection cable, which helped with the humming – but only a bit. The humming is still very noticeable and only a bit deeper in tone.

My voice still sounds terrible.

Is there anything I can do to fix this issue?

If not, can you please recommend a mic (that doesn’t cost the moon)? (I need free hands in front of the camera, so I guess a Lavalier model might be worth a look?)

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A final update with the solution to the problem:

It was actually due to the mains operation, or mains adapter, which I used. When I use the battery, there is no noise at all. I'm actually pretty sure I tried that too, but what the heck.... The main thing is that the machine spirit is appeased.

I hope this helps, if anyone has similar problems!

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I do have the same problem, bought a VideoMic Pro+ and connected it to my A6300 straight out of the box.

The quality is humming and there is a lot of white noise. Already connected the Microphone to my bluetooth box to see if it’s the mic - but it’s clean audio.


It’s the original TRS (two black rings) cable & volume is up in the cam as well.

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