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Golf Simulator MultiCam 4k 120fps

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I’m in the preliminary stages of designing a golf simulator and am currently researching the video equipment portion. I’m sharing my desired video setup / user experience in hopes that someone here could steer me in the right direction when it comes to software / hardware.


- Notes - 

I have identified that the Sony A7S III is the camera I'd like to use.

I found Black Magic Design and thought maybe the combination of a handful of items from them could meet my desired use case.

A 4k 120Hz monitor and a computer with the needed compute power (CPU and GPU) can be assumed to be available (I am also after thoughts and opinions on the needed specs of the computer needed for this project).


- User experience -

A golfer is on an indoor golf mat preparing to hit a golf ball into a net. There are four cameras mounted in different positions around the golfer. Prior to setting up to hit the ball they take the end of their golf club and gently tap a button on a button pad on the floor in front of them. The button tapped simultaneously starts the recording of four 4K 120fps cameras. The golfer then setups and hits the ball. After the golf shot the golfer then gently taps another button with the end of their golf club. The button tapped simultaneously stops the recording of all four cameras. Let’s say the golfer hit a bad shot and as a result doesn’t want to keep the recordings. The golfer would then gently tap a button to delete the four recordings. If the golfer does want to keep the recordings they would tap a button to save the recordings.


The buttons could be labeled - start, stop, save, delete


The goals of this setup are:

- allow a single person to operate the video capture equipment and also be the subject of the video by hitting a golf ball

- minimize the number of steps needing to start, stop, save or delete a swing recording (which is four 4K 120fps video files)

- have very minimal editing needing to produce four 4K 120fps videos files that are synced, meaning if I go to 0.25 seconds in each video I am looking at the same thing but from a different view point

- be able to quickly view the 4k 120fps footage after it was captured


I went with the idea of having a button pad down on the ground that can be used by the golfer via the end of the club because having a raised desk near the golfer that has a mouse or keyboard would block the video shots. Being able to stay on the golf mat to hit golf balls and also control the video capture aspect is important. Walking 10 or so feet back to a desk that is out of view of all 4 cameras and then walking back to the mat to then hit the shot would be too slow of a process. The goal is to be able to hit shot after shot and have a recording of each shot - all done relatively quickly. Having a remote in the golfers pocket is also an option.


Also, if a golf shot is hit and the golfer opts to save the recordings being able to quickly view all four videos up on a large monitor is important.


The overarching goal is to have a setup that allows the golfer to have a quick iterative experience where they can get feedback on each shot.


Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.



Jon-Eric Cook

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