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Macro lens recommendation?


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 Hey folks,
Can someone give a recommendation for a macro lens for super close up?  I would like to film individual pixels on a computer monitor or phone.  Similar to the below.  These guys used an iphone with a custom(?) lens. 

I am really new to video stuff.  From what I have read, it is difficult to get most macro lenses to focus up close. 

Can someone give a recommendation for a good macro lens please?  My camera is a full frame (a7s3).


Thank you





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I'm not sure what you mean by "From what I have read, it is difficult to get most macro lenses to focus up close."

That's what macro lens are designed for.  That's what they do -- focus close-up.

Perhaps you mean that macro lenses have problems AUTO-focusing close-up.  And that's true -- because Depth of Field is incredibly thin and there are a million points where the camera will TRY to focus on.  But that is simply solved by using manual focusing -- and perhaps a viewfinder magnifier.

For you the issue is magnification.  How much do you need?  The higher the magnification, the shorter the focal length should be.  for example, 1x-3x?  50mm.  4x-8x?  25mm.   9x-15x  12mm.  Etc.

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Still a bit confused by this.  From what I understand a higher mm number usually means the minimum focal distance is further out.

I looked a few options and pictures from those lenses.  Went with a 2.5-5x at 25mm.  I might end up buying some tube spacers to bring the minimum focal distance in also.





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The longer the focal length of the lens means the lens is farther away from the subject -- when at the same magnification.  But a longer focal length lens also needs more extension between the lens and the camera to reach that magnification.  That's why you want shorter lenses as magnification increases.  The lens will be closer to the subject, but you will need much less extension.

FYI, I think you are confused.  Adding extension between the camera and the lens, does not change the focal length of the lens.  It increases the magnification of the subject. 

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With macro photography focussing is usually done manually either on a tripod - sometimes using a focussing rail for fine adjustments, or hand-held by rocking backwards and forwards slightly and using burst mode - then selecting the image that is in focus to your liking.

Because of this a manual lens is as good or better than one that has AF.

Within manual lenses Laowa specialise in macro lenses, including ones that give 2X magnification (most macros are 1X) from 50mm - 100mm. (these can also be used for 'normal' photography.

Laowa also do a 15mm macro (1X) which I have and love, it can get macro on a flower, but still include background. (For this type of shot the lens is almost touching the flower!)



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