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Sony A6000 | Athens Flyingweek 2014

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 Σ ευχαριστώ πρώτη φορά τράβηξα και έκανα λάθη, όπως θα έπρεπε να κρατήσω την κίνηση στους έλικες.



Thank did little mistake should let drive propellers

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    • By Mayday
      Maybe I have something set wrong but when recording video on my a6000 I don't see them in playback mode. I see all of the photos I have taken but no video. I'm sure they're there because when using playmemories they show up (although they won't wirelessly transfer). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    • By israeldavid76
      Next week I'm going to New York and I do not know what lens I should wear on my sony A6000 to make prints, i want take  the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn bridge and more. Actually i have the sony 18-105 f4, sony 35mm f1.8, really need the sigma 16mm f 1.4? thanks a lot.
    • By cmtn
      I am trying to set up continuous autofocus without pressing the shutter, and can only get it to work on one of my 4 sony A6000's.  For the life of me I cannot figure out what is different about the settings on that one camera that will enable the lens to refocus without pressing down the shutter when I move the camera around to different subjects.  I have tried different lenses, and they all will continuously autofocus on just that one camera.  All of the sony a6000's have been upgraded to version 3.2.  Thanks for any ideas/help.
    • By garryknight
      A young woman makes notes outside Notes, the coffee bar.
    • By rezadesign2889
      Hello All, im new in photography and I have Sony A6000 i wanna ask the quoestion,
      How im setting menu for get the Best Video, can you tell me step by step,,, its like setting Focus, frame,COlor Balance,, ETC
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    • I bought a A7RIV a few months ago and I've gone out several times to go shoot. The first photo shoot (portraits) I had with it, the focus looked spot on in camera but wasn't in focus once I got it on the computer. I thought it might have been the lens I was renting so went out to shoot some landscape shots with one of my trusted lenses. The focus looked great in camera but off when I put it on the computer. I immediately took it back and exchanged the camera. I shot again with the newly exchange
    • Hi Gang, is there a guide somewhere to which of the older minolta lenses and sgma/tamron lenses as well, i need a long lens for birds mainly around 400mm or more and have seen loads of cheap long lenses on ebay, some are minolta some sigma etc, question is which will work ok with my A7ii dslr thanks
    • ENJOY ! Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content.
    • I have never done any astrophotography. It is my understanding that with the a7Riiiii raw uncompressed, the only change that happens by selecting a picture profile are the gamma settings. https://youtu.be/9GGDkf4wMWg Therefore, which picture profile, if any, is best for astrophotography? Thanks very much for your help.
    • Think it's quite up to me when to decide to move along. In my very first post I indirectly answered your question: the A6xxx line will only get a MP boost when market demand is big enough. As of yet, it is not. Your reluctance to respond to my statement about the improvement of technology between the A7R2 and A7R4 is quite the satisfaction I needed from this discussion. Thanks!
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