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Sony Playmemories Home trouble on Windows 11 : Any help ?

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Hello there , 

I have been using Sony Playmemories Home to transfer photos to PC/laptop since my first Sony Nex 5 (yup , got one of those). Nothing more just to transfer the photos and to classify them according to date into folders then erasing them from the SD card.  

Currently I am using Sony a6500 and my laptop is Dell XPS 9510 and it seems that there is a problem with the Sony Playmemories Home with Windows 11. 

I can transfer the photos with no problem at all but I can't open the Sony Playmemories Home settings. I can't do the wireless import or any other import settings. If I just click on the settings word , the whole app freezes and I have to close it down from the task manager. 😖

Needless to say , the delete images after import from SD disappeared. 

I sent to Sony but their support did not help much. I tried the compatibility options in Windows 11 ... no use. 

Thus I am asking here if anyone faced anything similar thing and found a solution to it. 

P.s I would have used the Windows native photo app but for some reason Microsoft removed the option to import and classify the photos automatically to folders according to date from it in Windows 11 :( 

I work as a journalist/photographer and I can take about one hundred photo or something so that option to import and classify the photos automatically by date save a lot of effort and time. 

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Are there any advantages to transfer files wireless from camera to the PC as opposed to popping out the SD card from the camera and plugging it into a PC?  I am curious because I am coming from older DSLRs which did not have wireless capability and I have always plugged the SD card into my PC to transfer files and continue to do the same with the A7II.  Is it convenience, speed?  Does going wireless improve the workflow and how so?  I can certainly see the benefit of having a wireless connection between the camera and an external monitor/phablet to be used in video production - if only I could ever get the smartphone to pair with the A7II.


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Honestly , I do not use the WIFI-option usually with the laptop but it is great with smartphone. If I am on the go and need to transfer a photo to the office quickly , it saves time and efforts for real. 

I am still an old school too when it comes to the workflow on pc. 

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