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Help needed for Sony Extended Protect Plan on Camera

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Hi all,

I want to know if anyone in this forum has purchased Sony extended warranty on the Sony camera. I had a Sony alpha7R IV in 2020. After receiving emails from Sony close to the end of the 1-year manufacturer warranty for the Sony Protection plans, I purchased the 3-year Protect Plus in 2021. Recently, I wanted to clean the camera but was told I’m not qualified for the Protect Plus plan, which has to be purchased within 90-day after buying the camera. The service team answered my email with several made-up reasons and denied my service request. Please give me your opinions and suggestions. Thanks, and I appreciate your help very much.

I apologize if you think I should not post this here. Please let me know a good place for me to seek help. But I think it may help other Sony camera users to be cautious about the extended protection plan. Thank you very much.


Email from Sony .pdf

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I guess there‘s not much you can do. The Sony registration system should have prevented the purchase of the protect plan from the beginning, though. The reason they are giving - one day difference - doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, since the key mark in their database should be the serial number. But also the later, second date was out of the 90 days period. Maybe you can convince them to get a full refund.

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I found there are a few misconducts from Sony Protection: First they said I am unqualified for the Plus plan, but after I show them the email sent to me before the end of my original warranty by Sony, there are clear two plans, including Plus; Second then they told me that I put an wrong purchasing date when purchasing the plus plan; but I told them how Sony database can accept one camera (the serial number) for two purchasing dates; third they want me to accept a refund but took away the cost from the date I purchased the plus plan to now. However, based on current situation whenever I asked for the service, they will deny it anyway and my camera won’t be protected by the plan at all. Why they want to change me for the days on the plus plan. They should refund me full since they said I’m unqualified from the beginning. So please provide me some suggestions, thank you very much!

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You are 100% correct.  If Sony isn't going to honour the warranty then they shouldn't be charging you anything and refund you the full amount.  If they are going to give you a partial refund, they should honour the warranty and clean the camera as you have requested.  Is there some local news outlet that does consumer protection segments in the nightly newscasts?  Maybe you can get them to bat for you on your behalf.  I find Sony Warranty's actions perplexing - they won't honour the warranty but they will charge you for it anyway?  I am sure the local media would have thing or two to say about this kind of corporate behaviour from Sony.

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