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Full frame lens with F1 or 0.9?

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Dear friends,

I need your help. Is there any full frame lens besides Laowa Argus f0,95 in the market?

I have been searching a lot and I can not find any other lens. I am looking 20mm till 35mm full frame lens with high f number. 

Please let me know if anyone know something

Thank you!

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That kind of extreme aperture size is a niche product and not many lens manufacturers make lenses approaching F1.  Laowa seems to be the only one doing so with 2 lenses at f 0.95.  For the mainstream camera/lens manufacturers even f1.2 is rare - f1.4 and f1.8 are about as fast as lenses get for them,

TTArtisan has a f0.95 50mm lens for Aps-c format which would be a good portrait lens for the A6xxx cameras but that's not what you are looking for,

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6 hours ago, henry ticcy said:

You should look at the AstrHori brand, the quality of the lens is good, I used an 85mmf2.8. Hope it helps you

How is this relevant to someone specifically looking for an f/1 or faster lens? AstrHori doesn't even make lenses faster than f/1.4. The randomness of your suggestion makes you sound an awful lot like an AstrHori sales representative...

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