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Newbie ... A7iii - Checking Lens Firmware

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Hi !!

I just picked up a Sony A7iii.

When I check the firmware version within my camera it displays
Body: 4.01
Lens: .01

On the Sony website the latest Firmware ver displays 4.01 ... so I'm happy
But I'm unable to check what's the latest lens firmware version on the website.
Any pointers as to where I can find the latest Sony Lens firmware versions? There is a link that lists each lens individually. Will I have to select each individual lens that applies to me & then attach that to my camera body & check it's firmware version?

I currently have an 85mm / f1.8  attached to the camera body. There doesn't seem to be any updates for that.

Am I on the right track?

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  • Olaf W. changed the title to Newbie ... A7iii - Checking Lens Firmware


I since did a lot of hunting and rummaging around and realized each lens' firmware updates will have to be individually downloaded and installed.

I managed to successfully update my 16-35 f4  and  24-240  lenses.

It all went smoothly.

Thx :)

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