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Sigma macro lens.

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Hi all, I have converted from Canon to the Sony A9 and have a problem with a Sigma 180mm F3.5 on the A9. I have bought an URTH mount lens so the Sony will accept the Sigma lens. I am aware as i will only be able to shoot in manual focus but that's how i shoot for insect photography anyhow. The problem i have is setting the aperture as their is nothing their to enable me to set up. Any help would be much appreciated on the set up for this lens.

Thanks, Pete Buxton.

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Your Urth lens adapter doesn't have electronic contacts, meaning it doesn't allow your camera to communicate aperture settings to the lens. Your lens doesn't have a manual aperture ring, so you're stuck in whatever aperture setting you dialled in the last time you used it on your Canon camera.

To be able to set the aperture on your A9, you'll need a smart adapter, like Metabones, Sigma MC-11 or Viltrox EF-NEX. If autofocus doesn't matter to you, I'd just get the cheapest one with decent build quality.

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