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Issue with Sony Remote Commander RMT-P1BT

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RMT-P1BT Remote Commander will not change focus on a7R3. Camera and lens on MF, remote paired okay and can make exposures. Any one else have this issue? Suggestions?

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Please clarify.  Are you saying that the Remote Commander won't change the focus when the camera is set for manual focus, or that you can't change the focus when the camera is set for manual focus when you are using the Remote Commander,

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Does the manual for your Remote Commander say it should?  I would guess it is only designed to work in auto-focus mode, and that if you want to use manual-focus, you set the focusing, and fire the shutter with the RC.

Does your Remote Commander have manual focusing buttons?  That would seem odd.  How would you know that the subject is in focus?

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Posted (edited)

I am having the same problem using the RMT P1BT with a Sony SEL200600 mounted on a Sony a6600.  There is a post on DPREVIEW that says this combination works.  See https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4425135#forum-post-63081982.

The poster describes shooting the moon with SEL200600 and RMT P1BT.  He says:

 I manually focus with the RMT-P1BT (BluTooth Remote that moves the focus much tinier than one are able to do by hand on the lens itself

Strangely, I have no trouble getting the remote to focus my SEL18200 zoom provided that the camera is set to manual focus. The SEL200600 is set to manual focus by a switch on the lens.  No matter how the switch is set (manual or auto) the remote will not focus it.

Has anyone gotten the SEL200600/RMT P1BT combination to work?

Note: The remote will trigger the shutter on the a6600 no matter which lens is mounted.

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Problem solved.  The trick is to set the camera to manual focus and the lens to auto focus. The SEL200600 has a manual/auto switch on it. This fix seems contradictory, but it does work. Using the remote to focus in very small steps is a great way to do focus stacking with the a6600.

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