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A7r ii Rear buttons not working

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Hi Everyone,

I've had my A7rii for a few years now and I love it! But recently, the Fn, center, playback, and d-pad buttons have stopped working. The scroll wheel around the center button also doesn't work. The camera has 200,000 or so shots on it (mostly from the previous owner) but the body has worked flawlessly for a few years. I sent the camera to a local retired camera tech, but he wasn't able to fix it because "Sony cameras are hard to fix unless you're a certified technician." I know he replaced some parts but I'm not sure which ones exactly.

This topic has been posted about a few times now, but no forum seems to have a real solution on it. Mostly just "I sent it in to Sony and it was magically fixed." I have the tools and patience to tear into this thing to fix it, but I don't know what to try next. 

Has anyone come across a part (or parts) that fixes this issue? Or is it true that Sony is really the only one who can fix it?

Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks

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You would need a service manual, special equipment and spare parts which probably aren‘t publicly available. So yes, only Sony or somoeone with special knowledge will be able to fix it, if it‘s fixable. Unless someone with the same issue found an easy fix, what seems not to be the case here.

With all other brands you‘d have the same situation.

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