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Sony FE 2.8 70-200 GM OSS - Manual Zoom Question

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I have the Sony FE 2.8 70-200 GM OSS. When I set the lens  (physical setting on the actual lens) to MF Manual Focus, and use the  focus ring, the camera zooms in rapidly. However, when I take the picture, the  camera reverts back to when it was not zoomed. How do I get it to take the picture while it's zoomed in? I am using Sony A7III with the lens.

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Ah... I suspect you have your camera set with "Focus Magnifier" on (found in the focus assist section of the menus)

This magnifies the image in your viewfinder automatically when you adjust in manual focus. It then reverts to non-magnified image either when you press the shutter, or after a period of time you have set. It does not actually zoom the photo in.

This is done so you can get the part of the image you want to be in perfect focus (you can adjust the position of the part of the image you see in the viewfinder using the ring on the back of the camera, or the touch screen if the camera is so fitted)

I sometimes find this setting frustrating as the smallest touch of the focus ring turns it on. I generally use focus peaking as my main aid to manual focussing. I have yet to experiment with putting the focus magnifier on a custom button.

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Ok - I think I got it now. From what you indicated while in "magnify" the camera will not take a picture magnified but reverts to normal image...


Such an expensive lens without much zoom capabilities.

Thank you! Posted this question all over the internet, you're the only that responded. 

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5 hours ago, chadofman said:

Such an expensive lens without much zoom capabilities.

There are much more expensive lenses without any zoom capabilities as all, such as the $12000 400mm f/2.8. And there are much cheaper options with vastly better zoom capabilities, such as the $800 Tamron 28-200 f/2.8-5.6. To judge the value of a lens by its zoom capabilities is silly. I'd totally expect someone who pays top dollar for a lens like the Sony 70-200 f/2.8 to understand its possibilities and limitations.

That being said, if you really want to squeeze a bit more zoom range out of your lens, there's the possibility to enable 'Clear Image Zoom':


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    • Assuming you didn't change the functionality of the button: the default function is 'focus hold', meaning that if you're in continuous AF mode, the focus is locked at whatever distance it was at and it'll no longer change with half-pressing the shutter button. Apparently this function doesn't work together with face/eye AF, which kind of makes sense: if you're trying to focus on an eye, the distance is usually not constant (either you or the subject moves). Locking the focus position will cause the eye to go out of focus.
    • As far as I know, the only way to reset this camera is through the menu, but of course, navigating in the menu without a display is not possible. One option could be to connect the camera to a TV screen with HDMI cable, press the show images button and see if you can access the menu from there.   Some users have reported an "unofficial" way to perform a hard reset. Please note that I have not tested them and I am not aware if they work or ultimately you will end "bricking" the camera, so this is a big "proceed at your own risk", assuming that you have nothing to lose and everything else failed. Remove the card, so your pictures are safe. Try several times removing the battery with the camera on and leaving it out for some time. The sudden loss of power might cause the camera to reset.  
    • Hello. While traveling in India, my camera on a tripod got caught in the wind and fell from above. Unfortunately, I managed to find it Unfortunately, viewfinder didn't work. So I made a mistake and switched the settings to ONLY viewfinder. And now the LCD screen shows nothing and I can take photos blindly. I tried changing the settings using the chain navigation buttons. But no luck. Could someone with this camera please Write instructions on what buttons to use to get to this option?  i try: MENU;9x RIGHT; 3x RIGHT; 1xDOWN; SELECT/CENTER; 1xUP; SELECT/CENTER Can someone check if this works for them with a LCD screen on?

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