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A7Siii stops recording for no reason!

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Greetings everyone! I need your HELP! I’m using the Sony A7Siii for the last 10 months. I’m also using the Atomos Shinobi monitor that is connected to the camera with the original Atomos HDMI 4k60p cable. One month ago something very strange happened and since then it keeps happening at very random moments. Its hard for me to explain what exactly is going on but I will try to be as comprehensible as I can. So, when I am recording in manual mode, sometimes the camera stops recording for no reason! The indicators on the screen (M mode, battery life, AF,WB,Picture Profile, etc.) disappear for 1 sec and record stops. While this is happening the indicator for the SD remaining time, turns to orange color without showing the remaining time only for this specific second. Yesterday I was filming an event. The first few hours everything was fine. Suddenly this issue started happening. There were moments that I couldn’t record for more than 3-5 seconds. I was pressing the REC button and after 3-5 seconds it stopped recording. And there were moments that I could record for at least 30-60 minutes without any issue. The event lasted for approximately 8 hours and the strange part of this is that this happened between the first 2 and 4 hours. I tried everything! The first thing I did was to disconnect the monitor from the camera. I turned off and on the camera. I changed the battery, I also changed the SD card. Unfortunately none of these solved the problem. After a few hours it simply stopped doing this… What am I missing here guys? is anyone experienced something similar in the past? What else should I try? Should I address that to Sony’s support center?

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