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A7 III Pic Profile Video setting for Cinematic 'look' music videos

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I have a Sony A7 III with a Sigma 24-70 f2.8 Art lens and thus far I've only shot with the settings that were default out of the box (pic profile turned off) for shooting video.

But, I'm about to shoot a music video for a friend, during daylight hours and a little later in the afternoon about two hours before sunset (but it's still nice and light). 

I've been researching and have watched about 4 hours of YouTube tutorials on the subject, but they all vary widely and I get the impression that many on YouTube just stick up their own favourite settings that have just been hashed out. I'm looking for a few options that have been thought out by people that shoot cinematic footage professionally, or close to it, who understands about picture profiles for good cinematic video.

I only shoot in 1920x1080 at 25p (in the UK, not that this matters).

IMPORTANT: I don't want to have to grade the footage. I've heard (and I'm sort of new to this) that S-logs and the like are designed to be graded in post as they are flat etc. I edit with DaVinci Resolve (Studio version), but I really don't want to get into grading. I want a picture profile for video that will look decent straight out of camera. I don't mind doing a few 'tweaks' in post, but I don't want to get into the whole 'grading' thing. I am sure some people might say I'll have to if I want to achieve decent cinematic footage with the cinematic 'look', but I'd rather not. Somebody on YouTube said HLG2 is good and needs no grading, link below. I've also put a link below to a video shot by 'Perfect Photo Company' and this is the sort of 'look' I'm after. He said he used Cine4, but I'm sort of confused as the Sony A7 III has 10 picture profiles, but they are just named pp1, pp2, pp3 etc and don't have names. If I go into one of the picture profiles, I can go into the 'Game' menu and choose Cine4, but there are many other settings within any given PP so can anybody give me some options to get me into a decent ballpark where the footage does not look like Disneyland family holiday footage shot with the camera's 'out of the box' default settings as these just don't look that good for more serious stuff. Ok for YouTube videos, but I want my future music videos that I intend shooting to look 'cinematic' and good, like they were shot on film without all the blown out highlights and digital sharpening and other stuff.

Much appreciated.




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