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Connecting to Imaging Edge issues

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I just bought myself a A7IV after selling my A6600 after a few months.
About the camera, I am more than satisfied, but the mobile app Imaging Edge is driving me crazy. I don't use it to control the camera, just for file transfer.

For Sony, which makes such great cameras, it is a shame to create such a worse app.
And with the A7IV (or maybe after the update of the app) it is worse now.

Now this is what I must do now to transfer photo's directly to my phone;
1. activate Bluetooth every time and Wifi on the phone, otherwise I can't register the camera (which should be done only the first time, according the instructions)
2. start Imagine Edge.
3. Start transfer on the camera. And select what I want to transfer (the present picture, pictures of the actual date, or multiple (selection). 
4. When lucky, the app finds the camera and connects, and starts the transfer.
5. Turn off Bluetooth on the phone! If not, the transfer speed is very, very, very slow.
6. Pray that nothing will interupt the transfer;
- nobody should call you. It will stop the Imaging Edge app and transfer.
- Don't accidently press Home-button on the phone, it will stop the Imaging Edge app and transfer.
- Don't turn the phone off.
Also when you receive a message, don't open/reply! It will stop the Imaging Edge app and transfer.
And most important, you can't take any pictures anylonger while transferring photo's.

If the transfer is interupted for any reason, the next challenge will come up.
You have to re-establish the connection again (turn on Bluetooth ofcourse) but the transfer will start again from the first picture.

The app doesn't know which files already has been transfered. So it will start over.
Or, you have to select manually all the remaining pictures you want to transfer. While doing that it does happen that it takes too long, and the connection is lost again.

My backup camera (not Sony) connects by Camera Connect and Control (app).
This app doesn't need Bluetooth, it "knows" which files allready have been transfered, it can run on the background on the phone, and can transfer photo's during the use of the camera. So the new pictures are directly transfered.
The bad news is, that it can't connect to my A7IV.

It would be great, to either upgrade Imaging Edge;
- fast connect procedure
- able to run on background, even with camera active
- transfer only new files (manually overide if needed) 
or, to create just a small app for transfer only, without control options of the camera, but with the features above.

Best regards!


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