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A6000 using canon fd lens with adaptor

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Having Canon FD 50mm 1.8 and FD 35-70 F4; using both in Manual mode, of course, there is no electronic connectivity between lenses and the camera body.

When used at Full Frame A7ii, the FL is the same as named, but at the A3000 (APS-C), FL is same as well, but lens is covering different sensor surface, image, light, is being dispersed to the and around the APS-C sensor.

In some cases it may provide some benefits, as lots of FF lenses do have best sharpness at the center at the widest aperture, so the APS-C will take that best part, central part.

And, again, the manual aperture ring at the lens is to be used, anyway, the camera software will create the F number by some default (as it's not possible to get it electronically from the lens), it may be "1", which is not showing the correct value.


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As I mentioned before, the A "Aperture" auto-exposure mode can be used, as well.  The camera sets the correct shutter speed.  The P and S modes cannot be use since the camera cannot control the aperture.

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