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ILCE-7C Language Issue

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Hello everyone, I live in China.  I wish to purchase an ILCE-7C that offers the English language option, but as you know the cameras sold here do not.  I am considering importing from Germany via the amazon site here.  That leaves me with two questions- do the German market cameras offer the English language option; and if amazon says it is from Germany, do u think that means it is a 'Made for the German Market' camera?

Any comments appreciated.

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Just scored an all-black α7C through a supposedly authorized dealer here, Hong Kong stock.  English.  So, never give up boys!  Beast of a camera, wow, makes my Leica DLux Typ-109 look so old,,,  haha,,,  hi-tech marches on, in fact I'm a bit intimidated by that part of it,,,,  but for a simple guy like me the aesthetic, which attracts me the most is simply.....   Awesome!  It's like a morph between α7IV and α6xxx body, but closer to a 7, which it is.  Bad-azz piece of technology. Just gorgeous!

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Gratz on your purchase! As a long time APS-C user, the A7C got me tempted to switch to fullframe. I absolutely love the small 'rangefinder-style' form factor. What I really don't understand though is why Sony chose to cripple the A7C when it comes to ergonomics and customizability compared to the A6#00-cameras. If you compare it to the A6600 for example, the APS-C camera has 4 more customizable buttons (but lacks the exposure compensation dial), has a bigger viewfinder and a much deeper grip. Hope they fix these things with the A7CII.


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Well,, they have to leave room for upgrade, haha.  I don't care about the Custom buttons, but would like a deeper grip and larger viewfinder.  Quibbling though, this is a marvelous piece of tech (imo).

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