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Steady shot on a monopod?

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When I use my tripod, I turn off all the Steady shot options, as they can be counter productive to the solid hold of the tripod.

But what settings should I be using with my monopod.

I have an A7Rii, and use the monopod with my 100 - 400mm GM, which has OSS modes 1 & 2.

I use the lens for wildlife photos, generally with a shutter speed between 1/500 - 1/1000. 

Reading the manual, I would have thought Mode 2 (panning) might make sense, However, some reviewers recommend leaving steady shot on, unless taking long exposures on a tripod.

I am trying different settings, but wonder what others do.

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When I shoot with a monopod, I leave the IBIS on.  I place the monopod like one of the legs of a tripod while I am standing on my two legs.  Unfortunately, my legs are not too steady especially after a long hike and I hope the IBIS would compensate for any involuntary body movements. 

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