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Sony a6400 visual noise on video - Please help.


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Hi All,
I have been trying to shoot anything on video but my footage is grainy regardless if it is outdoors or indoors, it does not matter how low my ISO is, and I also reduced the details to -7, but still no luck.  The footage should be smooth and crispy, but they look dim and grainy in a weird way. The interesting thing is, I have no issues at all with photos, they come out as clean and sharp as expected.

Can someone have any idea if this is just a setting issue or an issue with the camera?
 I attached 2 images for reference.

Your help is truely appreciated.

Best regards,

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Not using A7ii, neither A3000 for videos (or to say, using it rarely), but, there are significant differences between those two (photos compared to videos), in terms of noise.

For videos, I am using JVC camcorders, which are constructed, prepared for videos. Results are, to say, great.

Have to say one (other) example, about Fujifilm W3 3D (bought it years ago, for both 3D photos and videos). What is interesting, I returned few cameras, till I got one with the (close to) none, inactive and dead pixels. Very strange, there are lots of users complaining about it, as photos are having some near pixels fix for that, but videos are having visible white pixels at the videos ()for example, creating video at dark room, shows all of them easily . Camera has 2X 10MP sensors and it has many options, but still, one or both sensors may already have or "develop" pixels issues, of course, not at the same exact place at the matrix.

That shows a need for video utilities to fix that, so I used many of those, including Virtualdub (probably not the fastest, not the best, but works).

There are two main types of noise and noise removal. 

Time (frames) based, which works by blending few frames together (specifically at the most noisy places, which are to be marked), that is (mostly) for the noise on dark, night, low light videos.

For Fujifilm W3 3D, obviously, that would not work as the problematical pixels are at all video frames, same position.

So, there is other type, blending pixels around, based on space, not time, to make the bad pixel looking as it's neighboring pixels,  having similar / same colors.

That solved the issue.

If the noise is the first mentioned type; there is significant number of plugins, utilities for different programs, most important is not only to fix the noise, but to avoid blurring, desharping, defocusing as well, so the plugin needs to have some AI to achieve the goal.

Again, for camera (photography) companies, seems that it's still much more important to work on algorithms for dealing with photos than with videos, it is, of course, not exclusive, but still, it seems to be that way.


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