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Adding date to imported file names

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Hello All,


New to the Sony A7iii,,   Called Sony,,  no good answer,,,  searched the web and think there is no solution. 


I am accustom to have the date as part of the file name when importing.  Our Nikon would always import with the date created as part of the file name with a sequential number following it.  In the last decade I never had a duplicate file.   With the sony I just imported~1200 pics and windows generated ~60 folder and in each folder the file began with 001.  Please tell me there is a way to change the way the file is named.  

I see where the first 3 character can be changed.  What i find is multiple memory card,  formatted or a second camera is going to make a huge mess of my way of doing it.

If there is a preferred way to import from the A7 I am open to new software.



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SS.gif.509f98fa423e613467e7c5af1f048158.gifBest to use a RENAMING program. You can make it as detailed as you choose. Place date/time at beginning + shoot name +  sequence number (based on time shot) + whatever you need to know.

(Inserted a jpg image but it didn't showing properly but a GIF does albeit with odd colors.)



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