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Deleted Sony A7Siii Video Files on PC... recoverd but not playing

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I deleted a folder of videos accidently and it was deleted as files are too large and will be deleted permanently..... and continued thinking nothing of it since I mixed it up with another folder I did want to delete. I then felt it's okay because I can use Recuva software to recover the data, I found the data but it wont play nor software like wondershare repairit could fix it. 
Has anyone found a way to fix this? 
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There is an utility for fixing broken video files; at the moment cannot recall the name, but it should be not too hard to find, based on the process for video files recovery.

The utility requires broken file(s) and one correct, working video file, created by the same camera, so it may take the necessary adjustments in order to fix issues. The utility is not overwriting the broken file with recovered one, but it's creating folder for saving recovered files.


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It is similar; however, the utility I mentioned was created by German company (at the main view it has URL with ".de"), the look of application is different. I used that app years ago and, it helped to recover few large video files.

As visible at this application Help pages, both have similar requirement, a must is to provide sample of the (working) video recorded by the same camera.

Honestly, it's clear that there is no big number of good video recovering applications.

Yes, I saw that VLC, which is more than just a video viewer, can be used for video recovery, I did not try it for the purpose.

In command line, ffmpeg may be used for this, but it is not a simple way, it requires lots of "environment" settings and good combination of parameters.

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