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Battery suggestion for a third party NP-FW50

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Hello! I'd like to ask for a suggestion for a NP-FW50 third party battery. My sony and my secondary compatible battery are getting old and do not hold their charge that long. So I'm looking for a new battery, namely a third party.


The local market has Fujicell, Duracell, Nitecore, Jupio as well as some other brands that I do not know of. Could someone make a suggestion on these brands? Otherwise feel free to make other suggestions (other than the obvious sony which I am not feeling like investing in).


Thank you in advance!

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I assume most if not all brands that are available on Amazon.ca would be available in Europe.  I bought an Onshida brand battery charger and 2 batteries rated at 1200mA about 3 years ago.  they seem to go longer than the Sony oem batteries but that could be just my imagination.  I looked through my purchasing history and the Onshida brand is no longer available but chargers with identical marks except the brand name is widely available at widely ranging prices.  I assume the charger and the batteries came from the same factory with whatever brand name printed on the batteries and the chargers.


My battery changer looks exactly like the one in the link except for the brand name.

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