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Issues with A6000 since software upgrade to version 3.21


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I purchased my A6000 back in November 2017 and as a new photographer, loved it.  I took the basic photography course which allowed me to take some great pics.  I usually shot in aperture priority but did change to shutter priority when taking pics of my dog/friends dogs and got some great pics.  Over the last couple of years, I've had no complaints at all.  I noticed there was a firmware update that I hadn't done...the firmware was released in 2019 I believe. 

I finally did the update (bad move) just before I went to a friends wedding.  Needless to say, since then, my pics have been of poor quality.  I noticed that the ISO doesn't adjust correctly when it's set to auto.  Shutter speed doesn't adjust properly either when I'm in aperture priority (I used to go into shutter priority, set the shutter speed and change over from time to time with no issues).  I went on vacation, took pics and same issue.  I haven't changed my style on how/where I take pics and/or the settings I've used.  Sony tech support had me reset the camera to factory settings and try again...still the same issue.  This all started after the software update...not before.  I read another person online on a forum state he/she had the same issue after the update.  Does anyone else have issues with their A6000 if you did do the update to version 3.21.  I wish I could flip back to the previous version that the camera came with but there's no option for that.  It's been frustrating going from getting great pics to pics that are below average and Sony support hasn't been much help other than saying they will let their tech team know about it but that they haven't had any complaints.  I did take it into the shop I purchased it at (Henry's Camera) and they looked at it and said it was the settings and focus points I was using.  I've adjusted as per their suggestion and still getting crappy pics...from pics being too bright/too dark to shaky (yes, shutter speed issue in aperture priority mode even if I had set shutter speed previously), lots of noise...I'm not this bad at taking pics based on the pics I took prior to the firmware update.  This only happened after the firmware update...prior to that, as I mentioned, pics were fantastic.  I may have got the odd one that was off.  Now, it's the odd one that's good.   I can't trust my camera now to take pics at important events (pics at my great-nephew's christening turned out poorly and I was the one who was depended on to get the pics).  Any suggestions other than using the camera as a paper weight?  lol.  That's how frustrated I currently am with the camera and Sony support has been of little help.  

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Can you post one of these 'poor quality' pics with the EXIF info? Hard to judge what's wrong based on your post.

Does the camera still take crappy pics while in full auto (green) mode? Sounds to me something like ISO is fixed instead of automatic. In full auto, all settings are chosen by the camera so you can't accidentally have a setting fixed at an inappropriate value.

You're mentioning a shutter speed issue while in A-mode, referencing a previously set shutter speed. Shutter speed is reset when switching to A-mode, so it's irrelevant what shutter speed you set before.

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