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Vertical stripes when shooting into the sun


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Hi guys

I am detecting vertical stripes when shooting into the sun. Especially on contrasty objects like the black pants (see attachment) This is a shot on a A7 III with a Sony 85mm 1.8.
Is this normal? Has this something to do with the sensor or with the lens? Or a combination of both? :)



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Give us some more information, please.  Does it happen will all lenses, all ISO settings, all speeds, all modes (A,S,M,P,AUTO), etc.???  Is this a NEW problem?  Is this a NEW camera? A NEW card?  Do the lines appear in the camera, on a computer?

We are working in the dark!

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I'm no expert, but, to me I suspect the lines are there on other pictures, but are more noticeable in some photos.

My gut feeling is that it is more likely to be sensor or shutter than lens (because lines are in focus).

To test this try taking a photo of a plain dark surface with the lens well out of focus and at different focussing distances (leaving the camera and surface the same distance apart). If the lines are sharp it suggests camera rather than lens.

If so, take the lens off and shine a light into the camera to inspect the sensor - you might be able to see scratch marks. I'm thinking the sensor might have been cleaned in the past with a dirty cleaner, in a vertical direction. Unusual, as most people who clean sensors do it from side to side as sensor cleaning swabs are designed for specific size sensors (full frame, APS-C etc) to be used in once in each direction.

This is what caused me to think it might be caused by a faulty shutter.

As XKAES suggests, if you have other lenses, try them. If the fault appears with all lenses - it is a camera issue, if only in the one lens, it will be the lens at fault.

If the reason is not obvious by now, I would take the camera to a reputable dealer to have a look.

Good luck with resolving the problem.

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