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L Bracket for A7iii that will fit Manfrotto CR2 head

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I didn't know such a beast existed but there IS!  https://www.amazon.ca/Manfrotto-L-Bracket-Q2-MS050M4-Q2/dp/B006LW1672

This bracket is expensive and awkward looking.  Better to by a generic Arca-Swiss based (there's tons of them available) L-Bracket and mount the RC2 plates on the tripod mount on the bottom of the L-bracket and even on the side and you would still be well ahead of the Manfrotto RC2 L-Bracket.  The best L-Bracket imo is the Smallrig brand because the mounting points are centred to the lens.  https://www.amazon.ca/SMALLRIG-Camera-Bracket-Plate-Sony/dp/B08MYZTDY9/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=L-bracket+Sony+a7iii&qid=1637278139&s=electronics&sr=1-3

I was a long time user of Manfrotto tripods and heads but I have switched to Arca-Swiss heads because everything is all standardized.  Well no, I didn't actually by Arca-Swiss heads to replace the Manfrotto heads, I bought Arca-Swiss clamps and mounted them on the RC2 and RC4 plates and left the plates in the respective heads.

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My L-bracket (for Arca Swiss) is the Three Legged Thing  "Ellie", as it has full length plates which mean the lens can easily be centred over the middle of the tripod. It gives good access to ports and battery compartment and, as a bonus can have a plate that also fits a Peak Design clip (in my case it came as a free bonus!!).

Cheap L plate for Manfrotto - https://www.amazon.co.uk/L-Plate-Release-Vertical-Manfrotto-055m0-q2/dp/B07D3KYRWY/ref=pd_lpo_2?pd_rd_i=B07D3KYRWY&psc=1

or https://www.amazon.co.uk/Universal-Release-Bracket-Manfrotto-200PL-14/dp/B07J9XVS1L

From my experience, you need to be a bit careful changing clamps on Manfrotto heads because the shallow socket on some clamps do not quite fit the "plug" on the Manfrotto head. (I tried a couple and found they wobbled, or came loose - I then changed heads completely.)


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I have generic L-Brackets similar to your "Ellie" for my Pentax K5 but I wasn't too impressed with the unbalanced look when the camera is resting on a level surface.  The main reason why I bought an L-Bracket for my A7II is because I find the camera to be a little too small for my hand.  My pinky finger grips nothing and slips under the camera base becoming fatigued much quicker than the fingers gripping the camera.  The generic L-Bracket was an improvement but not quite enough - the plate is not thick enough.  The Smallrig L-Bracket seems to be twice as thick as the generic one and should prove be more ergonomic.  I talked myself into ordering one while writing this.😄

I don't quite understand what you are trying to say about the clamp wobbling problem.  Here is my set up with the Manfrotto 410 Junior Geared Head.  This uses RC4 plates which is much more beefier than RC2 plate.  There is no movement between the clamp and the plate but the mounting screw on the plate is much shorter than I would like.  The mounting screw makes about three revolutions before reaching the maximum tightness.  The mounting screw on the RC4 Plate is shorter than I would like - I will have to get some longer 1/4" 20tpi socket cap screws to make the connection between the clamp and the RC4 plate more secure, at least to my satisfaction.


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Hi Tadwill

Maybe the problem I had with wobbly plates when I had a Manfrotto was due to the make of clamps I used - I tried Leofoto and Colorado Tripod co. - I guess any mixing of different makes comes with a note of caution - some work, some don't.

It did not occur to me that people use L-brackets for better grip - it's always interesting to hear of things being used for purposes other than what they were designed for!

For your purpose I understand you enjoying the Smallrig - which does deepen the body of the camera.


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