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How to shut Sony FX3 front curtain/mechanical shutter

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Hi there,

When my FX3 is off for a few days, sometimes I find the mechanical shutter closed. I wonder if it's possible to always have it shut when the camera is not been used, so it protects the sensor from getting dust. Do you guys know how to set the camera up in this way?



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Without a mirror to protect the shutter, having the shutter closed and exposed without protection is more dangerous than leaving the sensor exposed. medium sized pieces of dust could cause the shutter to jam, any amount of pressure or impact to the shutter would also cause it to jam.

Shutters are very, very fragile.

From: https://www.reddit.com/r/SonyAlpha/comments/dkex4z/how_to_close_the_shutter_curtain_every_time_the/


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Not to mention it's much easier to remove dust and goo from your sensor without causing damage than it is to remove sticky stuff from the shutter blades without bending them.

This is exactly the reason why the default setting is to leave the shutter open when the camera is off, and Sony advises to leave it at that. The only reason they added this option to the premium cameras is to silence the critics complaining 'Canon has it!'

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