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Adapter Macro 10mm 16mm


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Few days ago, I got Macro adapter(s) for E-mount Full Frame; 10mm + 16mm. Easy to mount; tried 16mm adapter today, with some tech stuff, phone macro, SD card macro, it's really doing what described; as autofocusing is enabled by electronics being connected thru adapter; at the first look, it's working nicely.

Will try to test more, outside, taking images in forest, nature.

Must say that I had already 49mm filter magnifier. Did not use it a lot, as it's image results are not perfect, still for some basic needs (just magnifying and tolerating images being distorted), it works as well.

For smartphones, there are lots of those "adapters", Wide, Telephoto and Macro, most of them with very bad vignetting, many with optics far from being good, but still working.

With the Macro adapters 10mm + 16mm, must say that Sony autofocusing looks (sometimes) a bit "confused" for few milliseconds, then it "makes" proper distance decisions. Images, finally, look good.


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Have to make some update related to those macro adapters.

Tested on Full Frame lenses, works as expected.

I just made some tests using APS-C 18-55 lens (kit lens for A3000), with both macro adapters together (10mm + 16mm) at Sony A7ii.

I changed settings at A7ii, related to APS-C Size Capture to Off, so, camera is not changing the image size to 10MP instead of 24MP.

Zooming, moving FL from 18mm to ~50mm (looks it works best when zooming more), then making manual focus to the specific place.

Even the lens is APS-C, and the camera is Full Frame, those adapters and zooming are repositioning FL and PoC (mathematically correct, of course) to avoid vignetting. Better to say, seems that there's no vignetting at all, photos crisp clear, sharp. And the APS-C lens are represented as Full Frame lens (usually, the only option to use them is to allow Size Capture to "fix" the Photo; which degrades resolution from 24MP to 10MP, as mentioned already).

All three options for Lens Comp are set to Auto.

Hope this may be useful for users having APS-C lens and macro adapters, trying to use them at Full Frame camera.


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