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Sony sensors mass production

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Previous years, Sony made numbers of good or better sensors for smartphones, which is of course, huge market, great environment for R&D to implement science to end products, where the number of customers is (almost) unlimited.

Bought one phone with the Sony IMX586, more than a year ago, phone has fast CPU as well, using it only as camera.

The sensor itself is complex, it's visible that it is created for specific use, it can provide different resolutions (pixels are "teaming"), also , it has technology inside to create HDR in the box.

Most impressive was the video, which (especially when the central processor is fast enough) looking really smooth, stabilized.

But, the ability of creating RAW images, to have very precise manual focus, to see "live" ISO numbers adapting itself to the environment light all the time (all of that and much more, using specific applications), simply confirms that massive production of sensors for smartphones is not just interesting or / and profitable, but it is technologically going very fast (result) as well and; it is not just taking camera (less DSLR or more mirrorless) sensors experiences as it was - one direction, years ago, but now it is two directions exchange of the technical innovations.

Some photo results are spectacular, as focusing is performed using laser tech, very, very fast and precise. Again, massive production of those smartphones makes the quantity which develops to quality and those advantages will be (and are) implemented, of course, to the mirrorless cameras (which are not in massive use, number of potential customers is limited).

Again, amazing (and sometimes even scary) results, from the box.


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